Abductor/Adductor E-7021/22

  • Intelligent ergonomic design features comfortable seat pad with multiple positions for desired start.
  • Combines two exercises as DUAL device.
  • Adjustable starting position for easier entry and exit.
  • Angled seat position for good range of motion of the legs.
  • Knee pads and foot positioning variants reduce pressure on the knee joints.
  • Placards, placed in the most visible position, provide step-by- step instructions, as well as pictures to illustrate proper use and muscles trained.
  • Hand grips secured in place with aluminum collars, comprised of an extruded rubber compound that is non absorbing and wear resistant.
Length: 1625 mm.
Width: 815 mm.
Height: 1528 mm.
Total Weight: 265 kg.
Weight Stack: 95 kg.